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What Is Grinding (Bruxism)?

Teeth grinding and clenching is common and it is involuntary. It usually happens during sleep, so most people are completely unaware that they are grinding and only come to realise it when they are told by a friend, partner or parent of the noise the following morning.

Common causes are stress, anxiety, drug use (particularly amphetamines), having an imperfect bite, pain and extreme mental concentration.

The bad news is that clenching and grinding cause damage to your teeth. The good news is that we can help. If you think you grind your teeth, make an appointment and we’ll assess the damage and prescribe a solution.

Treatment for Teeth Grinding

As most grinding occurs during your sleep, the most common solution is the use of a special mouth guard to wear at night so that the guard is worn down instead of your teeth.

Other common treatments provided for grinders are the repair of a damaged tooth and the fixing of fillings that are too high and causing an incorrect bite.

If your grinding is the result of suffering from psychological stress you should consider speaking to your doctor or undertaking exercise, stress management and practising relaxation techniques.

Our goal at Total Dental Care Maroubra is to give you a beautiful, healthy and confident smile.

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