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What Is A Dental Crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped cover that is placed over a tooth. If you have a damaged, decayed and broken tooth, a crown is a cap that goes on the damaged tooth. It restores its natural shape, size and function, and provides a beautiful natural appearance.

A crown makes a damaged tooth stronger and improves its appearance. It is also a good way to cover a badly shaped or discoloured tooth, and after root canal treatment a crown is often used to help strengthen the tooth.

A crown is commonly used when a tooth has a large cavity and there is not enough of the natural tooth left to securely hold a filling.

Each crown is individually handcrafted by our dental technician to create a healthy, natural look, which also sits comfortably with your bite.

Brighten Your Smile

Having a full set of clean, straight teeth brightens your smile and improves the quality of your life. Even if you only have one visibly damaged tooth it will negatively affect your confidence and appearance.

Covering a damaged tooth is particularly important in the front of your mouth. Obviously the more visible the defect, the greater impact it has on your smile and natural appearance.

With a dental crown your smile and tooth function will be more natural. The result is increased comfort and confidence when smiling, speaking, and eating.v

Our goal at Total Dental Care Maroubra is to give you a beautiful, healthy and confident smile.

Good oral hygiene and regular dental exams are necessary to prevent further problems.

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