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Root Canal

What Is a Root Canal?
A root canal is a treatment to repair and save a severely damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. Millions of teeth are saved every year through root canal treatment.
You will need root canal treatment if the dental pulp in the root canal has been damaged or diseased. The pulp is a soft thread-like tissue in the centre of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves.
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Why do I Need Root Canal Treatment?
A compromised tooth nerve will cause gradual tooth pain, tooth death, and resorption (shrinkage). The resorption might occur inside of the tooth itself or around the root. Eventually, the process would lead to tooth loss or extraction.
By removing the infected nerve, cleaning the canal, and sealing off the chamber, we can preserve the structure that’s still there. Getting a root canal extends the function and retention of your natural tooth. It’s the last line of defence that we have before the tooth needs to be extracted.
Should I Just Have My Tooth Removed?
Extracting a tooth creates extra space in your mouth, which can permanently alter your biting patterns and tooth alignment. Although removing a tooth could seem like a quick solution, it requires additional steps like tooth replacement treatment.

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Do Root Canals Hurt?
The Endodontic treatment alleviates the source of tooth pain. To ensure you’re comfortable, we’ll numb the tooth with a local anesthetic. The visit itself will be similar to having a filling, except it takes a bit more time. If you’re a little nervous about the procedure, feel free to ask us about sleep dentistry options and root canal treatment in Maroubra.
What Does Root Canal Treatment in Maroubra Involve?
A root canal treatment in Maroubra requires a few dental appointments at Total Dental Care.
The first stage involves clearing out the dental pulp from the root canal. This is done by making an opening through the back of the tooth. The root canal is then cleaned and enlarged in preparation to be filled.
A special material is inserted into the root canal and sometimes that includes a rod for structural support. Then the root canal is sealed with cement.
Root Canal Complications
You may or may not experience a few complications post-procedure. That is why it’s essential to know these complications beforehand so that you can mitigate them appropriately.
  • At times, your dentist may only find three root canals in your tooth. However, there are four root canals in every human tooth. And thus, in case your dentist only removes three out of four canals, the remaining canal may spread infection later. 
  • While filling the opening, it’s crucial to fill the material properly deep into the canal. Otherwise, your teeth might get infected once again. Our dentists will make sure to fill the opening correctly! 
  • In case there’s an undetected crack in the root of your tooth, it may become a problem.   
Consult with Dr Mark Mann and his team to know the full depth of this topic right now. We are happy to help the residents when it comes to root canal treatment in Maroubra!
How Long Will the Restored Tooth Last?
A root canal treated tooth usually lasts a lifetime with proper care. It depends primarily on the quality of the individual’s oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene and regular dental exams are necessary to prevent further problems.
What After Your Root Canal Treatment in Maroubra?
Since teeth without living nerves tend to be more brittle, we need to protect your tooth with a full-coverage restoration, like a crown. Crowns hold the enamel intact so that it doesn’t chip away with regular wear. It’s usually the final step of reconstruction following a root canal.
Root Canal Prevention
We already know the causes for inflammation or infection in the pulp. After that, we must sign up for root canal treatment. So, why not use this information to our benefit? We have listed a few precautions that you should take in your day to day lives.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice every day and instil this habit in your family members as well. 
  • Similarly, do not forget to floss your teeth at least once every day! 
  • While engaging in any contact sport, please wear a mouthguard to protect your mouth against any injury. 
  • And finally, schedule regular sessions with Total Dental Care in Maroubra! 
We’d love to help restore your beautiful smile. If you are in need of a root canal treatment in Maroubra, simply contact our dental office today to learn more and schedule your appointment. We can’t wait to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.
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